Buying Home Tips in the New Normal

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Digital technology has been adopted by mostly all the businesses. This haven’t spared even the real estate industry. Need and demand of bigger houses in the suburban areas and tier II cities have increased post pandemic. People have realized home is the true asset and they are looking for buying it too. In this blog, we discuss the tips before you make that decision of buying your dream home in the post pandemic era!

Adoption of Digital Technology

Covid lockdowns have compelled us all to go digital. Prospective home buyers and sellers, tenants and landlords, are looking for using realty portalsand other digital tools for viewing property at the first go for selection. Real estate agents &developers are using virtual reality (VR), 3D modelling, and artificial intelligence (AI) to take a virtual tour of the properties. VR home tour allows users to account for measurements and learn dimensions within the home along with providing them with an emotional appeal for their new home.

Demand for bigger spaces

With schools, colleges and businesses going online, most of the time people will be spending home. This has made people decide to ask for more spacious houses. As per Square Yards’ online search trendsacross the top six cities, the demand for modern flexible room configurations such as 1.5BHK have seen a 54 percent increase as compared to 1BHK, while 2.5 and 3.5 BHK houses surged a 150 percent and 132 percent, respectively, post-COVID. Also, its essential that you choose a reputed real estate developer so that there’s no cheating and loss of your earned money.

A move towards better housing

House in a metropolitan city is no more a demand. People are now ready to move towards the outskirts in search of spacious and affordable housing. This paradigm shift is due to more importance being given to health and hygiene. Also, people are looking for greener spaces around and has led to the demand of getting holiday villas in the natural surroundings. Villas, holiday homes, farmhouses have seen an upsurge post COVID due to the features they provide-superior social distancing, environmental-friendly, less infection prone areas.

Choosing smart homes

Not to deny, smart homes are the real future. Adapting to technology for more security, call it a luxury or the new normal; people are asking for more features. With the power of social media, customers are getting educated about the new technologies. Right from security cameras, motion sensors to kitchen accessories, people are looking for decreasing their daily routine workload.

Low interest rates of home loans

Banks are promoting people to get home loans at comparatively low interest rates and low-down payments; which has led people to think of buying a house. 6.4% is the the lowest interest rates reported so far, which is surprising looking at the financial crisis. However, it’s essential to know the bank well before you jump in for such a life-time investment.

We hope that these tips would definitely help you pick a worthy housing with all the essential amenities to cater your daily needs. A good housing is important as it helps to create memories with your family and cherish them forever. If you are looking for moving into a new home, get in touch with our executive to understand the steps to follow and ease your process of home-buying.

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