Ram Swar Medspace Central is a sanctioned Hospital project to provide premium Healthcare space situated stategically in the Medical Hub of Central India, based in Nagpur with ultra modern design and user friendly features.

    Ram Swar Medspace Central is built to provide a well-ventilated, spacious, and harmonious Healthcare environment. Adhering to high standards of health and hygiene, It utilises the state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology.

    The epitome of modern medical sciences is a 9 floor structure, well designed to create a tremendous impact, with every floor plate having provisions for a Hospital, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Test center, Intensive Care Unit, Waiting Room, OT, Wards and Emergency Units, Ram Swar Medspace Central makes for an inspiring confluence of diverse health systems.

    Project is planned in accordance with all the new government norms which fulfills all the safety guidelines to customise and provide top notch as well as user friendly facilities to the buyer.

    The Ideologist and promoter of centrally located Hospital sanctioned project Ram Swar Medspace Central is Shri Gopal Ramkaranji Mehadia, Proprietor of Gopal Bricks Industries,